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            Topgene Service
            • Reproductive and Developmental toxicity experiments
              Reproductive toxicity study experiments are equipped with TOX IVOS analyzer II – sperm ana...
              Repetitive-dose toxicity experiments
              Research programs can be designed or customized by drug characteristics and customer deman...
              Single-dose toxicity experiments
              Research programs can be designed or customized by drug characteristics and customer deman...
              Safety pharmacological experiments
              The safety pharmacology group is able to provide drug non-clinical safety pharmacological ...
              Immunogenic experiments
              It was equipped with experienced researchers and advanced instruments (multi-functional en...
              Local toxicity experiments
              Research programs can be designed or customized by drug characteristics and customer deman...
              Genetic toxicity experiments
              According to the CFDA guidelines, the genetic toxicity laboratory can provide reliable pre...
              Toxicokinetics experiments
              The research purpose of toxicokinetics is to learn the systemic exposure degree and durati...
            • Inflammatory disease model
              Endocrine and metabolic disease model
              Nervous system disease model
              Digestive system disease model
              Tumor disease model
              Cardiovascular disease model
              Respiratory system animal disease model
            • Tissue distribution
              Bile, urine and feces excretion
              Plasma protein binding rate determination
              Induction/inhibition of hepatic drug metabolizing enzyme in vitro
              Biological sample detection commissioned by pre-clinical or clinical research
              PK/TK/BE (bioanalysis)
            Laboratory Animals
            • Rhesus Monkey
            • Cynomologus Monkey
            • Marmoset
            • Beagle
            Rhesus Monkey
            Rhesus Monkey  Scientific name: Macaca mulatta. Cercopithecidae, Macaca. Also known as rhesus monkey or Guangxi monkey, rhesus monkeys mainly live in Guangxi, southwest and southern provinces of China, minor distribution in eastern and northern China. Their body length is 43 ~ 55 cm, tail length 15 ~ 24 cm and weight 4-12 kg. Most of the hair on the body is grayish brown. The hair below the ...
            Cynomologus Monkey
            Scientific name:Macaca fascicularis. Cercopithecidae, Macaca. Also known as hanuman or Java monkey, cynomologus monkeys inhabit in marshland with mangrove trees. Smaller than rhesus monkeys, cynomologus monkeys have yellow, gray or brown hair color, with light white in abdominal and inner limbs hair; Their Head hair backward, the face with whisker hair, the skin naked around eyes, there is a whit...
            Scientific name: Marmoset. Callitrichidae, common marmoset. Also known as thumb monkeys, Marmoset is a kind of small non-human primates from South America amazon rainforest. Compared with other non-human primates, it possesses the benefits of small size, short sexual maturity and pregnancy period and obedient characters for easy laboratory breeding, and shares strong genetic similarities with hum...
            Scientific name: Beagle. Beagle is also known as migru beagle harrier dog and belongs to hound group. Its head is in the shape of large dome, with large hazel eyes, wide long lop ears, muscular body and strong tail like a loach. There are about 100,000 migru beagle harrier dogs in the world. Beagle is suitable for pharmacology, circulation physiology, ophthalmology, toxicology, and surgery resear...
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